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One final note about the 2014 US Classic Championships.

I wanted to thank all of you for making the trip to attend our event. It was over 15+ months in the planning, and it appears that it was a success. I've talked to several of you during and after the event, and I've heard mainly good feedback from everyone I've talked to, and everyone seems to have had a great time. There were definitely some take-aways and lessons learned (on my part) to apply to the next time RMOC puts on an A-meet, but nothing that was too disastrous for this year's event. Please feel free to send me an email if you have any comments or suggestions that might help in the future.

When I agreed to be the Meet Director for the US Champs, it was with a little trepidation since I had never worked with RMOC before on such a big event. But, with the club's track record on past events (1000 Days, Orienteering Festivals, A-meets galore), I thought it would be fine. And it was, mainly due to everyone who stepped up and helped out. I was overwhelmed by the amount of work and dedication all of the volunteers put in to make this event a success.

So, thanks to everyone involved...I've listed them out below. I think I have everyone; if not, please let me know.

You can find results and photos at the meet website:

Kris Beecroft, Meet Director
E-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Joel Swisher
Kris Beecroft

Brian Moore (vetter extraordinaire!)
Sheryl Lehman
Dennis Carney
Doug Berling
David Pruden
Kris Beecroft
Joel Swisher
Doug Berling
Mikhail Martemyanov
Brian Moore
Graham Baird
Troy Bozarth
Mikell Platt
Jan Lande
Joel Swisher
Doug Berling
Galen Moore
Rich Kelly
Michael Rounds
Doug Berling
Bob Ellis (and issue resolver!)
Galen Moore
Charlotte Maybury
Neal Barlow
Sverre Frøyen
Gøril Jones
Glen Schor
Troy Bozarth
JP Lande
Brooke Mann

John Crowther
Valerie Murray
Bradley Rounds
Simon Maybury (spreadsheet master!)
Charlotte Maybury (and cookie baker!)
Troy Bozarth
Erin Schirm - Blue
Craig Murray - Red
Rich Kelly – Green Y
Michael Rounds – Green X
Steve Willman – Brown X
Kathleen Brennan (and ranch liaison!)
Beatrice Zurcher
Jennifer Klafin
Cameron Murray
Libby Ellis

Brooke Mann (and brochure creator!)
Amy Winston
Michael Rounds
Sharon Crawford
Lynn Aldrich
Frank Kuhn
Peter Goodwin
Pete Bundschuh
Lex Bundschuh
Amy Winston
Doug Berling
Mikell Platt

Map Scale Change

Although we originally announced that Blue and Red would be printed at 1:15000, all courses will now be printed at 1:10000, including Blue and Red.

Course Notes Added

Course notes have been added for both days on the Maps & Courses page. Mapper's Notes will be added soon.

Potentially Bad Weather

Please note that this time of year is traditionally a rainy period for Colorado. Due to the Waldo Canyon fire in 2012, Highway 24 west of Colorado Springs can experience flash floods in heavy rain, sometimes leading to a temporary closure of the road. If you are staying in Manitou Springs or Colorado Springs, please pay special attention to the weather and, if it is raining, listen to local radio for any road closures. The rain typically occurs in the afternoon, so hopefully it won't impact your races. 

Jury Selected

The following people will be the jury for the US Classic Championships:  Mary Jones (OK), Clint Morse (WCOC), and Gavin Wyatt-Mair (BAOC). Thanks!

Travel Advisory (8/7/2014)

Interstate 25 -- the main route between Denver and Colorado Springs -- will be closed for long periods of time on August 8-9-10-11. This may affect travelers trying to get from Laramie or Denver to Colorado Springs, Woodland Park, or Lake George on Friday night and Saturday morning, and especially those trying to get back to the Denver airport on Sunday.

Notice from CDOT:

I-25 will be closed in central Denver between Santa Fe and 6th Avenue for bridge demolition and paving.

* Friday Night 8/8: Highway closed from 9:00 pm until 8:00 am Saturday morning.

* Saturday Night to Monday Morning: Highway will close again beginning at 9:00 pm on Saturday 8/9 through 5:00 am on Monday 8/11.

CDOT encourages drivers to avoid the area and use alternate routes such as C-470, I-70, or I-225. Detours will be in place, but VERY LONG DELAYS are expected.

More information, including a map of the closure area, is available at

To get from Colorado Springs to the Denver airport, alternate routes would be I-25 to I-225 to I-70 (which is actually more direct than taking I-25 to I-70), or I-25 to E-470 (toll road).

Email Update (8/1/2014)

Welcome to Colorful Colorado!

Members of the Rocky Mountain Orienteering Club are finalizing the last few details for the 2014 U.S. Classic Orienteering Championships.  We're excited to be hosting so many orienteers from around the country...and around the world!  We have folks coming in from Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Russia, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and of course, Canada. 
We know many of you will begin your travels soon, so we wanted to send out a few last minute details.  Also, keep checking our website (, where we'll be posting any new updates.
Safe travels and see you soon!
 — Kris Beecroft, Meet Director
1.  Model Maps:  The model event maps are now available to download on our "Maps & Courses" web page, along with driving directions.  Maps will also be available on-site at the model event area, in a plastic tub.  The model event site will be open Thursday, August 7, and Friday, August 8, from 9:00 am to dusk.
2.  Start Times:   Start windows for most courses are very full.  Please be advised that if you miss your assigned start time, you may have to wait until the end of the start queue before we'll be able to find you an open slot.  [Start List]
3.  Map Scale:  All courses will now be printed at 1:10,000, including the Blue and Red courses.
4.  Dinner:   For those who have purchased dinners, entree tickets will be handed out on Saturday evening starting at 5:45 pm, at the M Lazy Ranch dining hall.  Dinner tickets include hayrides, which will begin at 6:00 pm.  (The label on your registration packet will indicate whether or not you have purchased a dinner.)
5.  Shoes:   Metal-spiked shoes are not allowed in any of the M Lazy C Ranch buildings.  Please respect this requirement.
6.  Private Property:   Please follow any flagging that you see leading from the parking area to packet pick-up and the start.  The flagging may not follow the most direct route, but it's required in order to avoid private property that we're not allowed to cross.
7.  Horses:  There will be other guests at the ranch who will have horses with them; please leave these horses alone.  If you have children, please emphasize with them that they should not approach any horses that are in the RV loop area.  The ranch has other horses available for trail rides; please see the M Lazy C Ranch website for more information.
8.  Weather:   As usual, be prepared for variable weather conditions (heat, cold, and rain).  Also, due to the Waldo Canyon fire in 2012, Highway 24 west of Colorado Springs can experience flash floods in heavy rain, sometimes leading to a temporary road closure. If you're staying in Manitou Springs or Colorado Springs, please pay special attention to the weather and, if it's raining, listen to local radio for road closure updates (e.g. 1240 AM).  Rain typically occurs in the afternoon, so hopefully it won't impact your races. 
9.  Lodging:   All cabins at M Lazy C Ranch are booked, but they do still have a few spaces available in their "barracks" building (similar to a dormitory or hostel, with bunk beds and a community bathroom).  Camping sites are also still available.  To reserve, call 1-800-289-4868. 



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